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The Packaged Goods

In our modern lives, sometimes it's not practical to cook, because let’s be honest, who always has time for that? When time is a constraint, we can often be drawn to prepared foods, yet feel concerned about what we’re eating. There’s a lot of buzz in the health world about not eating packaged foods - and for good reason! So many of the processed and packaged foods in the stores are laden with chemicals disguised as food (and some are not-so-disguised…).

Thankfully, there are some companies out there who are helping health-conscious eaters marry healthy with convenience. And contrary to popular belief, with these brands, healthy is not tasteless nor completely restrictive and unenjoyable. So get ready for some great suggestions to help you maintain your health-focus and enjoy delicious on-the-go foods!

Quick Snacks:

Go Raw@go_raw

Salad Toppers flavors: Italian Herb, Garlic Thyme, Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper;

Sprouted Seeds & Nuts*


Simple Mills@simplemills

Almond flour flavors: Rosemary & Sea Salt, Fine Ground Sea Salt; Veggie pita flavors: Himalayan Sea Salt, Mediterranean Herb, Roasted Red Pepper

Hu – Get back to human - @hukitchen

Grain Free flavors: Everything, Sea Salt, Pizza*

Chips & Tortillas:

Siete @sietefoods

Grain Free chip flavors: Lime, Sea Salt, Other Flavors*

Grain Free tortillas: Almond Flour, Cassava Flour*

Broths & Soups:

Kettle & Fire@kettleandfire

Bone Broth flavors: Classic Beef Bone Broth, Classic Chicken Bone Broth

Smart Chicken - @smartchicken_official

Bone Broth flavors: Organic Classic Chicken Bone Broth

Pacific Foods@pacificfoods

Organic Soups: Chicken & Wild Rice, Thai Sweet Potato, Hearty Italian Vegetable Soup