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Client Testimonials

For my first ever reiki session, Jen was excellent in guiding me on what to expect and making me feel very comfortable. Her calming presence immediately made me feel safe and relaxed. Her energy work gave me a great sense of peace for the duration and afterward I felt very grounded and tranquil. She provided feedback right away of what she found while working with my energy. A wonderful experience that I look forward to repeating!

Melissa Kascak

Working with Jen has had profound impacts on my life.  I am feeling lighter and the most revitalized I've felt in a very long time.  With the small changes she's explored with me, I've modified how I currently eat and I'm making different, more-health-conscious decisions overall.  I've lost weight and I have more energy, and I look forward to exercise instead of it being another burden.  My kids are also loving the small changes we've made in our house to be more health-focused.

Lisa Jackson

I had no prior experience with Reiki and was skeptical.  Jen made me feel at ease, explained the session, and I have to say I was thoroughly blown away.  At times, I felt like I was in another space in time, floating, and carefree.  I recommend Reiki with Jen, you will not be disappointed.

Joe J.

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