To all the healers, lightworkers, empaths, therapists and intuitives….

….how would you rate YOUR overall wellness?

Wellness comprises many different mind, body, spirit and health dimensions.  With our communities’ increasing needs for our time and energy, it is easy to lose track of our own well-being and whole health.  We spend our days in a state of giving – we don’t begrudge this – it’s our life’s purpose to serve and guide others in their journeys.  Practicing healthy habits like eating well, getting enough sleep, fostering supportive relationships, pursuing a fulfilling career are areas we coach our clients to curate in their lives.  And we all KNOW that we can only serve others when we, too, have filled our own cups and served ourselves….so why do we deprioritize ourselves?  Because we’re human.  Because we care SO much about everyone we intersect in our lives.


Caring for our own health needs to be a top priority

It's easy to feel out of flow and lose our connection

These last few years have pulled a lot of energy from us and have called for us to step up to meet a greater universal need.  Taking time to reflect and reconnect with our own current state of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health is essential to remaining strong in our bigger work with the Universe.  I feel blessed to have heard the calling for my life’s purpose: to serve our holistic community and support fellow healers, intuitives and empaths like yourself in your journey so that you may continue to deliver your purpose.

Life's Beautiful

Reconnect to Your Flow

Working with a (w)holistic wellness and light coach is about recentering, taking a deep internal look at how you stay aligned to your path and where you get derailed.

Foggy Waters

Thich Nhat Hahn

"The best way to take care of the future is to take care of the present moment."


Holistic Wellness Services

Let's Work Together!

Support your health journey and pay it forward for others.

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