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My Story

Hi, my name is Jen.  I've been on a personal journey to restore health and wellness in my own life, and I can tell you -  IT IS POSSIBLE, and YES, THERE IS MORE!


Nine years ago, I began yearning for balance in my life.  I was working in a high-stress job, couldn’t find time for myself or my friends, I felt lethargic and unwell, and I had hit a wall.  This began my journey of health transformation and finding life balance. 

For 15 years, I worked professionally as a senior leader within the corporate food + beverage industry.  My job was my entire life with a demanding work schedule and significant responsibility.  I was chasing the next promotion and living with the mindset that I would be happier when ______.  In December 2020, my entire construct of life changed when my father passed away from underlying health conditions which complicated his ability to fight Covid-19.  In the months that followed, the struggle for balance in my life grew.  I leaned into spiritual connection and Reiki, as well as wellness and nutrition to get the medicine I needed to heal.  Through this, I had a moment of realization that with clear energy, food and well-care can be medicine for the body, mind + soul.  I had tapped into what it meant to live a healthy lifestyle, and I want to share this with everyone. 


In July 2021, I made big decisions to finally love my life and follow my purpose to help others restore health in their own lives.  My entire focus shifted to gaining the knowledge I needed to fill in the gaps.  I pursued an education program with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition which has illuminated for me how the body can heal itself, when given half a chance.*  Through a yoga teacher training program, I gained better understanding how to integrate mind, body and spirit.  Reclaiming my life also became about reconnecting wholly with my family, something I was unable to do for many years, and two months later, I moved across the country to Newtown, Connecticut. 

Embracing a holistic healthy lifestyle has opened me to truly listen to my body, my heart and my soul.  I am living in alignment with my values and I feel the best I have ever felt!   

Through my experience of coaching corporate teams to success, I understood that I have an authentic and compassionate approach to guide people to achieve personal and professional growth.  I help people explore and then stretch their own limiting beliefs.  Food has also been a common thread in my life.  I spent years working alongside Chefs, gaining a keen knowledge of foods and flavors.  The program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition has given me the balance of the nutritional role of food.  Combining these two backgrounds, I am now creatively designing healthy cooking recipes which address dietary restrictions, something I hold dear to my heart with a gluten free and dairy free diet. 


Becoming a holistic healthy living coach is a wonderful blend of my past experience and new life of wellness.  Through sharing the gift of Reiki to connect clients with universal energy, and leaning into yoga dogma and holistic wellness, I am excited to help others also achieve harmony and restore wellness in their lives. 


​My journey continues, every day.  I continually examine all the parts of my life that work FOR me, and the parts that do not.  I have found myself again, with the greatest balance of scales for my entire life.  Every single part.  Health, career, relationships, stress, self-care, finances, fitness and joy (yes, JOY) have all improved with my refocus on how these many facets of my life work in synergy - each part playing lead and backup at the same time.


If you are here, you are ready.  You know it.  You are ready to transform your life, to soak up your own medicine** of food, wellness + energy to start living YOUR BEST LIFE! 

Jennifer Rizza

Certified Reiki Master

IAHC Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

RYT-200 with Yin & Restorative Focus

*Citation: Institute for Integrative Nutrition

**Medicine is any substance (such as water, sleep, whole foods, physical activity) which serves to treat disease or illness; remedy.  Anyone experiencing severe medical disease or illness should seek the care of a licensed medical professional


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