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Restore Innate Wellness

Take a moment and think back to when you felt your best.

Breathe into how you felt – did you feel alive? Did life feel easier? How did you feel when you weren’t weighed down by worries or deadlines or commitments? Were you counting calories or counting stars? What was your overall sense - were you happy? Joyful? Peaceful?

Taking this reflective moment reconnects you with your inner self, regaining perspective of how you felt when you were thriving. This moment is (likely) when you were your healthiest and living life well. Through demands of life and commitments as we get older, we slowly become disconnected from that sense of ease and we start to feel off-course.

So how was it to reflect back? Do you yearn to feel that same lightness, that sense of peace and ease? Do you yearn to feel fit, well and complete in life?

Perhaps imperceptibly, over time, you’ve noticed a tension brewing, and you find yourself asking ‘what happened to that person who once relished life? Can I recapture that sense of being? Will I ever feel whole again?’ These are questions I hear often, especially in our modern and fast-paced life. I, myself, asked these questions, and I began to seek answers (you can learn more about how I regained wellness in my life at my website). Know that we are not alone in our questioning. Now, more than ever, with worlds turned upside down through a pandemic, there is a collective shift in consciousness, and more people are desiring a return to this easier way of being. People want to feel WELL again.

The beauty of this shift is that wellness is already within you! That moment when you felt your best, that is your baseline. Knowing what this feels like is key to framing action so that you can RESTORE your sense of well-being. There isn’t a need to recreate life, to rebuild from the ground up. Connecting back to the time when you were thriving reframes your mindset and opens you to see a path back to living with more ease.

With a refreshed mindset and a goal to return to a lighter way of living, you can begin the work of restoration. There are many tools available to use as you begin your journey to restoring wellness in your life. You may already be doing some of this: practicing meditation and yoga, spending time in nature, cooking delicious and nourishing meals, rhythmically breathing, and living mindfully to be fully present. These are the starting points for slowing your pace, giving your mind a break, and reconnecting with your deeper spirit of being.

Further restoration of your wellness invites you for a deeper look inside. Through a lens of curiosity, you begin examining your daily life habits and implementing progressive transformation towards a natural state of ease. It is important to have a guide when you embark on this path. A guide will explore with you, lead you to further inquisition, and help you hold up the mirror of self-reflection.

Working with a health & wellness coach gives you this level of support on your path of wellness restoration. Finding the right person to work with is as much a part of your journey as the journey itself. I invite you to learn more about me and how I help clients just like you HERE. Perhaps you’ll see a bit of yourself in my story and feel empowered knowing that you, too, can regain a more balanced and whole life.

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