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About Cultivate Your Purpose

About Cultivate Your Purpose

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Jennifer Rizza

At some point in our lives, we all feel stuck, living in a place of just surviving and getting by.  This can feel confusing, frustrating and leave you questioning 'what am I doing here?'

In this 3-part online-based self-discovery and self-actualization program, I invite you to dig into answering that question.  The full program is structured in 3 sections, first giving you a chance to unearth stuck thinking and 'weed out your garden,' then to dream of your vision and plant new intentions to step into more purposeful living, and then finishing with building resilience to weather the storms and maintain the health of what you've cultivated for yourself.

You deserve to live a life where you can shine as your true self, connected with what inspires you, rooted in your authenticity and deeply aligned to support your purpose, your unique WHY for your life.  To Cultivate Your Purpose means to live in resonance with who you've always been meant to be and to feel present, flowing and vibrant so you can better show up for yourself and others.

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Part 1: Unrooting

Part 1 begins with an exploration of flow and the areas of your life where you're feeling stagnant.  You'll learn what it means to nourish yourself and release or reframe any beliefs which hold you back.

Germinated Plant

Part 2: Sowing

Building on the work of Unrooting, in Part 2, you develop your vision and updated intentions and take action towards setting these seeds.  Learn more about what motivates you and feeds your truth.

Garden Waterfall

Part 3: Thriving

To truly thrive, you develop skills to rebound when life calls you back into old habits.  Now with greater knowing of yourself, you become more agile and fluid to regain flow and alignment readily.

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to a Cultivated Life of Purpose

Cultivate Your Purpose is anchored in the Coaching model, giving you space to explore, investigate, discover and process in a way that is uniquely supportive to you.  Each section is self-guided, to be completed on your timeline, with personal learning through meditation, breathwork and mindfulness practices, self-discovery worksheets, guided visualizations and ample space for self-reflection and emotional processing through somatic embodiment practices based on restorative yoga. You are also supported with 1:1 coaching mentorship with Jen throughout each segment and a community discussion platform to share what you're experiencing and learn from others who also desire a more fulfilling life.  Don't just survive, honor yourself and thrive!

Unsure if this is the right program for you?  Have questions about what to expect?

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Experience For Yourself

Try this short somatic embodiment practice 

Program creator and guide, Jen Rizza, leads you through a short yoga-based practice to unite mind and body.  This is a small sample of what you can expect in Cultivate Your Purpose.

Liked the video?  Ready to get started living your life of greater meaning, purpose, joy and presence?  

Begin your journey to Cultivate Your Purpose and get started with Part 1: Unrooting