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Online & Self-Paced Growth &
Self-Discovery Progam

Join this transformative 3-part series to cultivate greater meaning, purpose & joy.

Each Part is designed to be completed over 6-10 weeks and will remain open for up to 18 weeks.  You will have access to each Part for 6 months to refer back as you complete the entirety of the work through Unrooting, Sowing & Thriving.  All 3 Parts include learnings, self-discovery exercises, guided visualizations, meditations, somatic embodiment practices, group discussion forums and 1:1 mentoring sessions.

Start Your Journey to a Cultivated Life of Purpose with Part 1: Unrooting

  • Cultivate Your Purpose: Part 1 Unrooting

    Valid for 6 months
    • Part One of Cultivate Your Purpose: Unrooting
    • Begin your journey to reconnect with your Essential Self
    • Unroot old beliefs, shift your story, open new perspectives
    • A 6-week program to increase flow and build self discovery
    • Self-paced, new content opens each week
    • Weekly teachings, self-discovery exercises, journal prompts
    • Two 1:1 mentorship coaching sessions to support your work
    • Supportive embodiment movement practices
    • Group Discussion forum to share and learn in community
  • Cultivate Your Purpose: Sowing Overview

    Valid for one month
    • Part Two of Cultivate Your Purpose: Sowing
    • Find your vision, align with your values, build your vision
    • A 6-week program taking action to live in new intentions
    • Self-paced, new content opens each week
    • Two additional 1:1 coaching mentorship sessions
    • New embodiment movement practices to support your work
    • Community Discussion Forum with others completing Sowing
    • Complete Part One: Unrooting before starting Sowing
    • PART TWO LAUNCHES JUNE 16, 2024 ~ $345
  • Cultivate Your Purpose: Thriving Ovrview

    Valid for one month
    • Part Three of Cultivate Your Purpose: Thriving
    • Set boundaries, live with abundance, learn to weather storms
    • A 6-week program building resiliency to rebound readily
    • Self-paced, new content opens each week
    • Two 1:1 coaching mentorship sessions focused on sustaining
    • Additional supportive embodiment movement practices
    • Community Discussion Forum with others completing Thriving
    • Complete Unrooting & Sowing before starting Thriving
    • PART THREE LAUNCHES AUGUST 18, 2024 ~ $345
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