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Cultivate Your Purpose: Thriving Overview

  • 18Weeks


Now that you’ve planted the seeds and your garden is taking shape, it’s time to turn to tending to your garden. The foundations you’ve set through intentional action in Sowing lay the framework for continuing to cultivate and thrive. Every garden needs to be maintained, cautiously watching as weeds start to appear, and remembering to consistently provide nutrients to sustain the work you’ve already done. This is where you embark on Part 3 of Cultivate Your Purpose. To thrive in life, one gains skills of adaptability and resiliency, and markers to help you find your way back into alignment when you’re knocked off course. Throughout Thriving, you’ll explore internal and external boundaries to protect your energy and stay on course. You’ll evaluate your habits and how they can be like food for your vision, supporting you, or detracting from what you desire (because some habits pull us out of alignment). And you’ll come to define for yourself what being resilient means, how you can use endurance for the long-haul, but also remembering to take stock of what you currently have that already makes your life beautiful and rich! I so look forward to guiding you through this essential piece of cultivating the life you desire, offering valuable tools and practices that support you being present, engaged and living in a meaningful way. This is a pathway to joyful living, and having the skills, tools and practices that help you find your way when Life begs to pull you off-course, will help you rebound back into flow and presence more readily. It IS possible to have what you want and to live as your most authentic Self. Join me for Part 3 and see all your hard work come to fruition! We'll be back on the mat, we have a new Community Discussion Group focused on how you're cultivating resilience, and I can't wait to support you with 1:1 mentoring sessions again! With much loving kindness and gratitude for all you bring to enrich the world! I'll see you soon ~ Jen

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