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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format for Cultivate Your Purpose?

There are 3 Parts - Unrooting, Sowing, Thriving.  Each Part is designed to be completed over 6+ weeks.  You can take more time than 6 weeks, but you can't go any faster than that.  There are 6 modules in each Part, and each week, a new module opens.  In total, there are 18 weeks of content when you complete all three sections.  Within each weekly module, there are typically 2 learning/action/movement/discovery sections and then guided journaling to support your processing of the week's content.  You also have a Group Discussion Forum prompt within each week's module, to inspire sharing with others completing the program.

Why do I register for each Part separately?

The intent is to give you flexibility for time so that you're not locked into a longer program and feeling pressure to meet a deadline.  The work of cultivating your purpose is all about intentional living and putting what you're learning about yourself into practice.  You can complete each Part when the timing feels most appropriate for you.  Some people like to move from one right into the next, while others prefer to have space between to integrate and process before moving on.  This also gives room for varying seasonal commitments and spreads out the cost of the program.

Am I obligated to complete the other Parts?

Everyone starts with Unrooting.  That's the beginning.  On it's own, Unrooting is powerful.  The work continues and builds as you then create your vision and take action towards it in Sowing.  And as every gardener knows, once you've created a beautiful garden, you need to tend to and maintain it, and that is what you learn to do in Thriving.  So, no, you're not obligated to complete all Parts, but you gain the full value of the program when you do.

Can I enroll in all 3 Parts right now?

This is an option that will hopefully become available at a later date.  At this time, you will enroll in each Part separately. 

How long do I have access to the course?

You'll have access to each Part for 6 months, so that as you're taking your time to complete all three Parts, you can still refer to your work from Unrooting and Sowing while you're in the last Part, Thriving.

What can I expect in the course?

Throughout Cultivate Your Purpose, you are guided to gain better understanding of yourself, of what drives you, inspires you, what causes you to take action, what beliefs do you hold about yourself, what you need to feel fulfilled, and invites you to give life to who you've always been meant to be.   There will be time for introspection and reflection, exercises that help you challenge what you know or gain clarity for how you feel.  You'll have time to set goals and take action towards them.  Cultivating Your Purpose gives you intentional shifts for how you show up in life, so you can live in a more rewarding, intentional, meaningful way.  If you're feeling lost, this is beautiful place to rediscover yourself.

How much time will I need to put into Cultivate Your Purpose?

Each week, with the content and self-guided exercises and journaling prompts, you can anticipate investing 1-2 hours per week.  Some weeks you may feel you need more time.  On the weeks there are movement practices, the practice alone can be 35 to 60 minutes.  Where the real change takes place is how you're implementing what you're discovering for yourself into your daily life.  Change happens with consistent, repeated efforts, and the more you put into the work here, the more you will take away from it.

What if I don't know yoga?

The focus of the yoga in Cultivate Your Purpose is not about the shape or pose, and is 100% about how you feel through the movement.  The movements offered are gentle, intended to be supportive and exploratory, and most of the practices are floor-based.  If being on the floor is not comfortable for you, you can modify the movement and sit in a chair.  There is no one to judge how you engage with the movement practices, they are a supportive tool and how you adapt them is up to you and what makes sense for your body.  Jen will demonstrate all the movements, and you are encouraged to change them in a way that is most beneficial for you.  Please reach out to Jen with any questions about the movement component, don't let this be a reason to hold you back.

How do the 1:1 mentoring sessions work?

Throughout each Part, you have 2 mentoring sessions held over Zoom, giving you dedicated time to talk with Jen about what you're learning, discovering, experiencing through the work to come into living in greater alignment with your essential self.  This is time to ask questions, give voice to your experience, and receive individualized guidance on your unique journey to Cultivate Your Purpose.  The scope is within a Coaching model, giving you space to have a sounding board as you brainstorm or concretize pointed action to create the path for how you want to move forward.  This is not a therapy-based session and the time will not be used to dive into past history, trauma, relationship inequities, nor to ask for problem-solving support.  Working in a Coaching environment puts you, the client, as the best expert about yourself, and the keeper of wisdom for how you'll achieve what you want; your coach serves to help you see that for yourself and draw out that wisdom.

How do I schedule a 1:1 session?

You'll be prompted throughout the program to schedule your sessions.  As soon as you get started and enroll, you can schedule a session.  There is a unique link within Unrooting, Sowing and Thriving for you to request a 1:1 session.  Two sessions are included with each Part of Cultivate Your Purpose, and if you would like additional 1:1 coaching, you can talk with Jen about available options. 

When does the program start?

You may begin whenever it is convenient for you.  There is no set start or stop date, the material is available for you on your timeline.  When you enroll, you can also pick a start date, if you know you won't be able to begin until a little later.

How much does the program cost?

Each of the 3 Parts, Unrooting, Sowing and Thriving are $345.  In total, your investment to feeling and living in a more centered, aligned and purposeful way is $1035.  By enrolling in each Part of the program independently, you can spread the cost over time.  At the close of Unrooting, you'll be invited to enroll in Sowing.  At the close of Sowing, you'll be invited to enroll in Thriving and prompt enrollment will offer savings.  Remember, though, you can choose a later start date for the next program if you want to lock in the savings.

How do I find my program?

Once you've enrolled, you'll be prompted to join as a Site Member.  Complete your registration and when you log into the site, from your Member drop down menu in the upper right corner, navigate to 'My Programs.'  This is where you will find access to Unrooting (and eventually Sowing and Thriving).

I received a request to join Hummingbird & Dragonfly Restorative Wellness.  What is this?

Jen's webpage and business is called Hummingbird & Dragonfly Restorative Wellness.  The request is the invitation to register as a Site Member so you can access your program(s).  Your information here is private and will not be shared.  You control the amount of visibility for your profile within the Group Discussion Forum - be sure to check your settings as Public or Private when you register as a Site Member.

Still have more questions not answered here?  Reach out directly to Jen via email.

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