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Cultivate Your Purpose: Part 1 - Unrooting

  • 18Weeks
  • 42Steps


If you can relate with feeling out of flow, like you're just not quite present, and that you wish you felt more wholly engaged in your life, you may be disconnected from your purpose. You may even ask yourself 'what is my purpose?' In this three-part series, you'll take a look into the areas of your life where you would like more ease, and then follow teachings, meditations, movement sequences and complete journaling and worksheet exercise to get you re-aligned with your purpose in life and feeling like you are living with greater meaning. This series invites you to initially unroot, uncover and expose the areas out of flow - it is only first through knowing where we are that we can then take action to move forward. In the second portion of the program, you will get clear on your vision for a complete life, set intentions, and sow the seeds for living more fully. And in the last section, you'll identify what thriving looks like for you and discover how you can stay in alignment with the envisioned life you desire. Doing the work of finding your vision and understanding what you want in life is a query into what matters to you, where you feel comfort and challenge, and about knowing your deeper self more intimately. When you embark on this journey, it is a gift to yourself, because you deserve to feel like what you do and who you are has meaning. And once you come to know this for yourself, you will feel you are living in your purpose - every day. Support is essential through this program. You have two platforms included - a group discussion channel to share with others doing this work, and 1:1 mentoring to talk in real-time with Jen Rizza, IAHC certified health coach and your program guide. Unrooting is the first part of the series - this is the first step to living the life of greater meaning you desire. Will you join me in your journey? With loving kindness, I look forward to meeting you ~ Jen

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Cultivate Your Purpose: Part 1 Unrooting, $345.00

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Cultivate Your Purpose: Unrooting

Cultivate Your Purpose: Unrooting

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