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Brunch Quiche - Gluten free & Dairy free

Yes, it’s a thing! This delicious brunch staple is one of my favorites for an elegant brunch. It’s also great for a light lunch or breakfast nosh. There’s something comforting in quiche, evoking memories of French patisseries and confections.

When I figured out the gluten-free and dairy-free version for this dish, I was ecstatic! Here’s a great recipe for you to enjoy, whether entertaining or just for a nice treat on your own. With a little side salad, it’s a whole meal!

Let’s start with the health benefits of this dish: The key ingredient is eggs, which are an amazing source of protein! There are 6g of protein in a single egg (USDA recommends roughly 40g protein per day). Eggs contain most essential vitamins (A, most of the B vitamins, D, E, K), as well as phosphorous and calcium for bone health. They are an excellent source of omega-3s, contains choline for eye health and they are a low caloric food. Cholesterol is often discussed with eggs, and yes, they DO contribute to increasing HDL cholesterol, which is a GOOD thing! HDL, known as the GOOD cholesterol, is responsible for clearing out bad cholesterol and plaque from the blood, which contributes to heart health and lowers the risk for stroke.

This recipe yields 1 9-inch quiche, plus 1 additional crust (you can make 2 quiche or save the second crust in the refrigerator for up to 2 months). Preparation time is 45 minutes, cooking time is 45 minutes - total time is 1.5 hours.

I'm certain you'll enjoy this delicious quiche which doesn't sacrifice traditional flavors! And, it's made by YOU, with the secret ingredient: vitamin L


Large Ceramic or Stainless Steel mixing bowl

Large Fork or Pastry Cutter

Wax or Parchment paper

Rolling pin

9 inch Pie Tin – metal or glass

Medium Mixing bowl – scrambling eggs

Filling Preparation (optional):

Sauté Pan

High-heat rubber spatula





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