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Start Your Resolution TODAY

Right around the corner is the start of the New Year! This always brings a time of great hope – hope for new beginnings, new habits, new possibilities, and new resolutions. With such positive energy behind our intentions, we set out with resolutions to do things differently in the new year, and we feel confident to achieve our goals.

As time passes, our goals tend to feel farther and farther away from being realized. Part of the reason this happens is that the energy we held at the start of the year fades over time. Many people lose their resolutions within the first 2-6 weeks of the new year, which then causes great depression and feelings of failure, perpetuating the decision to abandon effort.

Another part of the reason we lose sight of our goals is because naming them as 'New Year’s Resolutions' puts expectations to be 100% in pursuit of attaining our goals, leaving zero room for growth and trial and error. In lieu of setting resolutions at the start of the new year, perhaps look at setting new goals right after Thanksgiving. This is time of deep gratitude for all that has come in the past year, and a time when we tend to be open and receptive. What better time to set goals than when we’re in a mindset of growth and expansion? By setting new goals at this time, we give ourselves space to have patience, taking smaller steps, building up new habits, celebrating mile-marker successes, and seeing transformation, not just change.

Think of how you would feel if you started working towards and living your new goals, without the pressure of a 100% expectation. What does that look like? What is different about your mindset? How are you making your decisions? Take a moment and visualize yourself already on your path to achieving your goals.

What will YOU resolve to do for yourself, before the New Year?

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