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Lifestyle Wellness Coaching

Wellness is within you ~ let's explore!

Best Friends

A Holistic Approach to Discovering Greater Health, Wellness & Happiness

Balance Your Whole Being

Everyone has wellness within, and over time and the rigors of daily life, our health, spirituality, relationships, diet, fitness and joy become unrecognizable.  Together, we will restore your life harmony and explore areas of whole wellness: health, nutrition, career, relationships, spirituality and lifestyle habits.

Reiki Energy Therapy

Balance Your Life, Balance Your Body Energy

Incorporating Reiki in your wellness restoration helps bring balance to your body's natural energy points.  Over the course of time, many people store trauma, stress, and unresolved feelings within their chakra energy points, muscles + tissues.  With Reiki, these pathways can be opened, allowing your body to assist healing itself.

Reiki Treatment
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