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Cultivate Your Purpose: Part 2 - Sowing

  • 18Weeks
  • 51Steps


In the practice of gardening (in our case, we are tending to our garden of life), once you’ve tilled up the soil, it’s time to plant new seeds. And this is exactly what you’ll be guided to do over the next session to Cultivate Your Purpose – it’s time to sow new seeds. Sowing takes the work of Unrooting and invites you to expand further, to bring even more attention to your foundation, building upon what works for you and inviting you to gain new perspectives so that you can grow stronger, re-rooted in what matters most to you. Through the work of discovering your needs to feel fulfilled and safe and defining your values, you’ll expand your toolbox with strategies to connect with and live in alignment with your vision for a life of greater meaning, purpose and joy. The work of Sowing new seeds gives you space to dream of new possibilities and to put into practice what you’re learning and setting into motion for yourself. When you become clear on what you want and how you want to be, you have a rooted foundation from which you set intentions to show up and be present in your life in all the ways which enrich you and those around you. This is the next step to set the groundwork for cultivating a life where you can feel you are thriving and not merely surviving. You are meant to shine in all the ways that make you unique in this world. Let’s do this work together and shift your life to foster you living as your most radiant Self! I look forward to seeing you through the course, to the special time of your 1:1 mentorship sessions, to hearing about your discoveries, triumphs and challenges in the Community Discussion and to sharing movement embodiment practices with you. You’ve just uncovered the surface through Unrooting, your roots are bare, your soil is ripe and you have such magic ahead of you for Sowing opportunity for all you want in life! With loving kindness and I’ll see you soon ~ Jen

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Cultivate Your Purpose: Sowing

Cultivate Your Purpose: Sowing

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