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Mission: Community Whole Wellness

Wellness Scholarship Program

Creating Opportunity to Open Whole Wellness to Those In Need

Part of what makes holistic approaches to health impactful and life-changing is having community for engagement and support through this journey.  I want to see my community flourishing with more joy, light, kindness, happiness, positivity, trust, faith and connection.  Finding a way to perpetuate the core goodness of humanity is important to me.  We are one inter-connected world, all hoping to live our unique version of our best life.  It is my mission to help as many people as I can have experiences where they gain more love and insight for themselves through whole-being wellness.

Holistic wellness is a bit of a niche market and having access to services can be restrictive, based on many different situations.  It is my belief that anyone who will benefit from improving their health through holistic means ought to be able to pursue their course.  Be it insurance limitations, access, limited time for self care, unfamiliarity with holistic wellness modalities, or whatever presents as a barrier for exploring whole life wellness restoration, I want to make services available for those who need them, at reduced or no cost rates. 

People Helping People

‘Kindness comes in all shapes and sizes, and not one size ever fits all.  What could we dare to achieve with more kindness?’ – Jen Rizza

Wrapped Gift

10% of Booking Fees

A Portion of All Services Booked Go to The Wellness Scholarship Program

For clients who book any service with me, 10% of the booking fee goes to my wellness scholarship program.  Current available services are individual Reiki sessions and individual health and wellness lifestyle coaching programs.  Coming soon, I will be offering group coaching programs, educational workshops and specialized restorative yoga sessions.  Candidates requesting scholarship assistance will complete a simple application, identifying why they are seeking holistic wellness services, what they are hoping to improve in their life and what barriers they are facing to saying ‘yes’ to explore this path.

Scholarship Candidates

Learn How to Apply for Reduced or No-Cost Services

If you are someone who would like to learn more about how the wellness scholarship program can off-set or suspend fees for your own services with me, please email me directly at and include ‘Wellness Scholarship’ in your subject. 

I also accept referrals for the scholarship program, if you know someone who is currently unable to pursue a holistic approach for their well-being.

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