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Crossing the River

Restorative · /rəˈstôrədiv/

having the ability to restore health, strength, or a feeling of well-being

How long have you lived asking yourself ‘surely, there must be more?’

Do you feel like you've lost your way?  Do you even recognize yourself, your TRUE self, in the mirror?  Perhaps the words you speak sound foreign to you.  How many months, years, decades(?) have you yearned for more, more than anything money could buy, more than anything you can find out in the world? 

If you can relate to any of this, then you are in the right place!  Because deep inside, beneath layers of expectations and years of habits and beliefs, is still your beautiful and lost soul, crying ‘rescue me.’ 

Let me guide you through a journey of rediscovery, where we will explore ways to restore the most essential part of your life: YOU!

Ocean Rocks

Wellness · /ˈwelnəs/

 state of being in good health

Wellness does NOT = dieting, working out, counting calories, starvation, and a sense of ‘punishing’ your body for choices you made in the past.  Wellness DOES = treating your body kindly, and finding balance and nourishment for all areas of your life. 

Inherently, when we talk about our wellness, we talk about our health.  But health – your diet, physical activity and living without illness or injury - is only part of your overall whole wellness.  What if you started looking at your overall wellness as more than just the foods you eat and the exercise you log, and included the quality of your relationships and sleep, your career satisfaction, and your spiritual connection? 

What if I told you that YOUR optimal wellness is already within you....and that we simply need to get reacquainted with it?

Stones of Meaning

Geneen Roth

"Let yourself stop waiting for your life to begin.”

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