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Group Agreements & Participation
Terms & Conditions

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Group Agreements


Checking the box at program registration constitutes agreeance to conduct oneself in accordance with these group behavior agreements and covenants.  Having all group members agree to these guiding principles for group dynamics allows for a safe, trustful and respectful space to be collectively created and preserved.  No member may participate in any group program with Hummingbird & Dragonfly Restorative Wellness unless they have agreed to honor and follow all group agreements.

  1. Program begins on agreed commencement date and ends 6 weeks following program start date.

  2. I agree to participate fully, attending all sessions and contributing to discussion as appropriate, to the best of my ability, and when registered for a group session, will communicate any unforeseen absences to the full group via the group chat.

  3. Absence from any single group session is forfeiture of my time and money for the session.  Programs are not pro-rated per number of attended sessions.

  4. I understand that I will gain only based on what I invest to support myself and participate in sharing with the group. 

  5. These group agreements apply to any in-person, virtual-based or hosted chat space forums and/or sessions.

  6. I agree to show up to each session maturely, authentically and with mindful presence, to hold space and grace for myself and all other members of the group.

  7. I will not cut off, be disrespectful, bully, act aggressively nor be dismissive of other members.

  8. I will suspend bias and judgment of myself and others and participate in the group with an open mind and open heart.

  9. I agree to honor that each group session and the private group chats are sacred spaces for self-discovery where all members are encouraged to practice vulnerability, hold space for others to share their unique experiences and meet oneself and others with whole acceptance.

  10. I agree to safely test my perceived limits, suspending self-judgment, expectation or shame for trying something new.

  11. If I resonate with a member's share, I agree to ask their permission before discussing it further with them.

  12. I will not problem-solve nor seek to offer advice in response to a member’s shared story or experience.

  13. I agree that anything discussed within the group sessions or private group chats is held in absolute confidence.  Sharing of any group member's specific story, experience, response or decision is strictly prohibited.

  14. I will arrive to each meeting of clear mind, sober and alert.

  15. I acknowledge that self-discovery work may open paths to psychological traumas, prior experiences as well as expose emotional and mental wounds, and that this group format is not intended to replace nor take the place of professional mental health therapy.  I will be honest with the group facilitator about any such supplemental support I may require and may ask for recommendations of licensed professionals.

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